Customer 's Store Choice Decision

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Retail location is the most important thing in retailing is the most influential considerations in a customer 's store choice decision. Retailing location is a space you lease for the selling of goods to consumers. When it comes to business, retailers have one overall goal: to sell merchandise. That 's why they focus on sales floor space, adequate parking for customers, and an overall image that draws in customers. Location decision have strategic importance because they can be used to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. If a company have a good location competitors can 't copy this advantage. Location decision can be very risky especially when retailers select a location they either must make a substantial investment to buy and develop the real estate or must commit to a long-term lease with developers. Retail space comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and may be located in free-standing buildings, enclosed malls, strip shopping centers, downtown shopping districts, or mixed-use facilities. You will also find retail space in airports and other transportation facilities, hotel lobbies, sports stadiums, and temporary or special-event venues.The book state that there are two types of location the planned and the unplanned. An unplanned locations do not have a centralized management that determines what stores will be in a development. In planned locations the shopping center developer makes and enforces policies that govern store operations. Unplanned locations are
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