Customer services at Tesco

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Methods used by Tesco to monitor if good customer service is taking place.

If Tesco's know how good or bad their customer service is then they can make improvements where appropriate. Since they are in such a competitive market they must monitor regularly and act fast on anything which needs improving. Tesco's is such a big company it will be hard to monitor the customer service in all the stores, but an easy and efficient way of doing this is to use mystery shoppers. This is basically when a researcher is paid to act as a normal customer and just shop around the store, looking for any improvements and commenting on what is good. The employers working at the store do not know who the mystery shopper is so results are accurate. This type
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* Check out and trolleys

Exchange and refunds

Tesco's does Exchanges and refunds on goods that are faulty after purchase. Tesco has a clear policy on returned items, so that customer services do not frequently have to ask their boss for assistance or clarification. Tesco's will accept any goods back within a limited period, providing the customer has kept the receipt, and will refund the money. Tesco's does not clearly explains the refund policy to a customer at the time of a purchase is made, and the importance of keeping the receipt should be stressed, this is quit a bad way for Tesco's to show that they care about the customer by telling them what they should keep after shopping at Tesco's. Tesco's can improve this by making sure to tell customers to keep their receipt incase any problem occurs with it and that it can only be returned within 28days of purchase.

Speed of delivery

Tesco's delivering service is quit good because you could buy your shopping over the internet and have your purchase be delivered within a day or two but the bad thing about Tesco's delivery is that they do not keep to delivery time usually delayed up to a day this shouldn't be so when you have companies like e.g. Iceland and Safeway's competing against you. As well as Tesco's knows that no customer wants to purchases a large, heavy item and then find's out that Tesco's don't do no delivery the

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