Customer's Behaviour in E-Commerce in China

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CUSTOMER’S BEHAVIOUR IN E-COMMERCE IN CHINA Case: taobao Thesis Xinxing Hong Yanlong Chen Degree Programme in International Business International Marketing Management SAVONIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Business and Administration, Varkaus Degree Programme, option Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, International Marketing Management Author(s) Hong Xinxing & Chen Yanlong Title of study CUSTOMER’S BEHAVIOUR IN E-COMMERCE IN CHINA Type of project Date Pages Thesis Supervisor(s) of study 15th Nov. 2010 59 + 16 Executive organisation Virpi Oksanen, Tuula Linnas Abstract As nowadays communication bandwidths rise with the increase of broadband connections in China, and as…show more content…
This newly developed type of marketing function is more and more popular nowadays, but the customer‟s behaviour and psychology in this situation have not been focused on enough. Especially in China, where e-commerce has developed a peak, an increasing number of people are eager to learn about e-commerce. In this case, a good analysis of customer‟s behaviour and psychology can help companies adapt to this new environment well and divide the target market. The thesis is researching customer behavior, how the customers make their purchasing decisions, variation of the consumption structure and customer psychology in ecommerce. E-business is not a product or service; it is the technology applied to the company‟s work to innovate the experiences and qualities surrounding the product. The ebusiness activities over the internet are a tool or engine to improve the domestic economic well being through the liberalization of domestic services, more rapid integration into the globalization of production. (Taylor & Murphy 2004, 286) The research problem in the thesis is: what are the internal and external elements that affect customer‟s purchasing behavior. The internal elements may include customer‟s mental activity, personality, and thinking, while the external elements may include the social elements, purchasing environment, customer group and marketing functions and

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