Customer's Buying Process Through E- Marketing:

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Customer's Buying Process through E- Marketing:
Most marketers are familiar with the four stages of the customers' buying process, around which marketing activities can be planned. The four stages are need-and-want recognition, information gathering, evaluation and purchase. Within each stage, marketers have the opportunity to improve the customer experience and influence the customer through all stages toward a purchase. However, the mass adoption of the Web channel among customers has shifted the stages of the customer buying process from a mostly offline activity to an increasingly online activity. Many customers now go through the entire buying process online, or use the online channel though multiple steps of the process. For
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| Food and Beverages | Health beverages; soft drinks; staples/cereals;Beverages bakery products (biscuits, bread, cakes); snackfood; chocolates; ice cream; tea; coffee; softdrinks; processed fruits, vegetables; dairyproducts; bottled water; branded flour; brandedrice; branded sugar; juices etc. | Personal Care | Oral care, hair care, skin care, personal wash(soaps); cosmetics and toiletries; deodorants;Perfumes; feminine hygiene; paper products. |

Household care:
The demand for detergents has been growing at an annual growth rate of 10 to 11 per cent during the past five years. Consumers prefer washing powder and detergents to bars on account of convenience of usage, increased purchasing power, aggressive advertising and increased penetration of washing machines. E-Marketing can play a vital role in terms of advertisement and thus informing consumers about new products and reminding about the established brands.

Personal Care:
Skin care and cosmetics, toothpaste, soap, oil all these are personal care products. These products are frequently purchased by the consumers and E-Marketing gives consumers the opportunity to compare the available brands in the market.
Food and Beverages:
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