Customized Learning Theory Paper

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Whitney Vick April 26, 2012 Liberty University Customized Learning Theory Many educators operate their classrooms using a “learning theory” that they feel optimizes the best learning environment for their students. As an educator it is very important to create your own customized learning theory to use in your classroom. A customized learning theory is developed to create an optimum learning environment for students. Educators have to research and put into practice the ideas that they feel may work best in their classroom. In this paper, I will be discussing my own customized learning theory incorporating theoretical perspectives that I believe make an ideal learning environment.…show more content…
Differentiated instruction would be an ideal way for teachers to use Piaget's theory and teach each child according to their specific needs. “Just as students have different personalities, they also have different ways of learing (Slavin, 107).” Learning styles are another important factor to incorporate when implementing the best learning environment. Learning styles are defined as an individual's mode of gaining knowledge. The most common learning styles addressed are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Auditory leaners understand information through hearing. Visual learners need more visual aids in the learning process, such as diagrams, webs, or pictures. Kinesthetic learners learn better by using manipulatives or by being physically involved in the learning process. Learning styles is a piece of the “backbone” of differentiated learning. Both are used to individualize instruction to help students achieve the most success. What Makes an Effective Teacher and Learning Environment? What is an effective teacher? Is it a teacher who is caring, compassionate, warming, and personable? Or is it a teacher who is good at planning, works well with other teachers/administrators, and self-disciplined? Many people would say that these qualities and characteristics would make an ideal teacher, and they would be correct. But these qualities alone are not enough to be considered an effective teacher. An effective teacher is above all,
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