Customizing Education. Good News Folks, Or Maybe It Is

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Customizing Education Good news folks, or maybe it is bad news. Three Kearney High School students recently conducted a survey on their fellow classmates about their class options and the variety they hold in their high school. They found that eighty-nine percent of students feel they don’t have enough options. Some feel like they could be a helicopter pilot, marine biologist, or Mozart based on the education they receive in high school. Fortunately, if Kearney High School had more class variety, then one could possibly become one of these figures. According to a survey conducted at Kearney High School, eighty-nine percent of students would like more options for classes. Kearney High School needs to include more class variety within…show more content…
Instead of teaching valuable lifelong skills, such as how to communicate with others and manage their money, students learn by memorizing facts from test to test, and rarely learn something that will become meaningful and useful for later in life. High schools overlook the fact that their students, while prepared to succeed in college classes, lack the skills to succeed on their own as a fully functioning adult in society. The implementation of more post-education classes taught in school would benefit the student and prepare them for “the real world”. Changes are already necessary and desired at Kearney High School. According to a survey taken by over one-hundred Kearney High School students, sixty-five percent reported that they would be interested in taking a life skills class and thirty-seven percent would be interested in workforce training. Clearly, students are willing to learn, but are not offered the opportunities they desire. On a scale of one to five, one being least prepared, five being most prepared, fifty-seven percent of students rate Kearney a one to three on preparing them for life after school. These disappointing statistics would lead one to believe that Kearney High School needs more variety to interest their students. This also suggests a frightening thought that on a school wide scale, Kearney is failing to provide their students the tools to succeed, or at least the confidence

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