Customs Of The Elizabethan Wedding Customs

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Customs: Being married was just as important in the past as it is now ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 1). The main difference between marriages now and in the past is that in this case, the marriages were arranged, and there was no choice in who you married ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 1). Marriages were organized in a way in which both families would benefit from the marriage ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 1). Couples met for the first time on their wedding day ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 1). Some customs vary between the rich and the poor ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 1). Children were expected to carry on the businesses and legacies of their parents after marriage ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 1). A dowry was always given as a part of the marriage ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 2). A dowry was an amount of goods, property, or money that the bride brings in exchange for marriage ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs" 2). The dowry benefitted the husband, and gave the husband full possession of his wife ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs” 2). Females were allowed to marry at 12, while males were allowed to marry at 14 ("Elizabethan Wedding Customs” 1). Family Life/Life After Marriage: Marriages tended to be for strategic purposes rather than love, so family life in the Elizabethan Era was different than family life today ("Elizabethan Family Life” 1). Women were expected to obey the men whom they married ("Elizabethan Family Life” 1). If women did not obey the men whom they
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