Cutback of American Opportunity Over Time Essay

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The valiant master-mind of the mid-1800s, Albert Einstein, alleged potent words unveiling a great deal regarding endurance. He expressed that, “In the middle of difficulties, lies opportunity.” Life is nothing but an uphill battle; to be the victor and make a mark, one must take advantage of everything available. Taking advantage of opportunity is a crucial quality for fulfillment in American life. For a prolonged period of time, America was better known as “The Land of Opportunity.” The U.S. was illustrious of its abundant educational, religious, as well as economic opportunities. Unfortunately, as waves of immigrants stumbled upon the land of sovereignty, the myriad of opportunities gradually became muted. Although not completely…show more content…
Therefore, those who immigrate to the United States contemporarily begin their journey as part of the lower half of the social pyramid, gradually working their way to the top. Whereas, in America’s golden days like those of the Gilded Age, someone who came to America could easily work hard to become wealthy and stable. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s classic literature staple entitled The Great Gatsby portrays how the protagonist strived to fulfill his life-long fantasy. “ For over a year he had been beating his way along the south shore of Lake Superior as a clam-digger and a salmon-fisher or in any other capacity that brought him food and bed. His brown hard body lived naturally through the half-fierce, half-lazy work of the bracing days”(Fitzgerald,104). Unquestionably, immigration is now a more intricate course of action than it was before. Referred to as the “New World” in the old ages, America was a means of gaining affluence, prosperity, and material wealth. Years ago, immigrants were guaranteed a successful future, due to the cosmic accessible opportunities. Those who were able to establish a living in the United States either attained a good standing in the American social class by working diligently in the jobs they had or by starting off working under brutal conditions and gradually getting promoted to more notable jobs. However, jobs now are so scarce that they only
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