Cute Cupcakes One Must See !

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Cute cupcakes one must see!
Cupcakes have become a household name and most of us love to have it, anybody who has got a sweet tooth can’t live without these cute little cupcakes. For someone like me I can’t imagine an evening without tea and my favourite cupcake. That’s how the bond is.
Without a doubt, it’s a delicacy gifted to us by English, and like most of the English stuff we fell head over heels with these tiny little bundle of joy.
These days they accompany us at every event, parties and even in our bad phase. Who does not want to have that little sugar rush after a bad day at work, or post break up ,or a birthday , weddings , get together etc. cupcakes have been there with us in all our thick and thin. Don’t you think these are the reasons enough to love them and indulge in them every once in a while.
First of the cupcakes were made in as early as 1796. But they gained popularity in nineteenth century. Also known as fairy cakes or patty cakes, they can be baked in small and thin butter paper or aluminium foil. The major ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs and flour.
Any recipe, which can be used to bake a layer cake, can be used to create the cupcakes. One can also use flavoured batter for baking the cupcakes, mixed with raisin, nuts, berries, chocolate chips etc.
Because of their tiny size, they are really easy to bake. One can also top these with frosting and decorate them with fruits, dry fruits or cream.
There are number of variety of cupcakes like cake in a mug

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