Cutting A Friend Loose Sucks

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Cutting a friend loose sucks. It 's akin to cleaning out a closet that 's been jammed packed for avoid it for as long as possible but you end up sucking it up because you can 't get new clothes until you make space by getting rid of the old. You have to decide what stays or goes, then if you decide to hang on to an article of clothing, you run the risk of it eventually turning into clutter and making you regret keeping it around when you had to chance to free up the space, or, you worry that six months into the future, you 'll think that you shouldn 't have gotten rid of that old faithful dress that was clutch for so many years before you hastily dumped it in the frenzy of purging. You know it 's necessary but the thought alone makes your stomach hurt.

I spoke to a close friend recently and she was feeling down because she had to break up with a friend of hers that had disappointed her one too many times. Listening to the defeat in her voice got me to thinking about just how painful it really is to break up with a friend. We 're absolutely conditioned to navigate the ins and outs of breaking it off with a romantic partner, but not really a friend. I know that I 've had more than one friendship that felt like a toxic marriage that, at the time, I couldn 't free myself from for reasons that ranged from pure loyalty for the person to fear of getting rid of someone that held true value in my life. In a couple of cases I just didn 't want the person to think

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