Cutting Fine Arts in Schools

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Cutting Fine Arts in Schools Fine arts programs are rapidly being cut around the country. When school systems are running out of money the first programs to be eliminated are the fine arts. School board members have no idea of what they are doing to students. They are unaware of the many benefits of fine arts programs in their schools. They also do not know how to run a successful fine arts program. Since 1993, when legislators imposed revenue corps on public schools, school districts have been forced to make some hard decisions about the ways they can cut back spending. Music and art programs are usually among the the first to receive severe blows. “Fine arts are vulnerable to budget cuts partly because children are not tested in music…show more content…
One of the biggest effects of cutting fine arts classes is bigger class sizes. If students are not allowed to take arts classes they will put in classes that were already possibly overflowing with students. By cutting money for arts in schools, we risk dampening our student’s desire to experience and appreciate the arts later in life (Streich). If students are not given the chance to take a fine arts class in high school they may never have a chance to experience the arts at all. Without the arts in schools students will have fewer options when school is not in session. This could lead to an increase in home entertainment which includes playing video games, watching television, and using social network sites. This will give students more time at home which could lead them to making bad decisions in the time that they could have been doing a fine arts program. When school boards cut fine arts programs they do not think of the consequences that come. Although fine arts programs are being cut there is hope that the fine arts will continue to thrive trough the coming years. There are several successful fine arts programs throughout the country and they all have
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