Cutting The Arts In Schools Essay

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Chicago Public Schools has closed over fifty schools, laying off over 1,000 teachers. About ten percent of these teachers taught in the arts programs, which includes schools still running and teaching students (Fang). Schools everywhere, due to budget cuts and the No Child Left Behind Act, have been cutting the arts in order to make more room for more math and science focuses. Even though No Child Left Behind lists music as one of the core classes, it does not require testing, making math and reading a legal priority (Madden). The arts programs in schools must be preserved because the classes benefit test scores, pave the way for motivation and positive attitudes towards school curriculum, and show students that even if they are not academically smart, they are smart in other areas. Several studies have been conducted to show that the arts programs in schools cause test scores to improve. A primary investigator at the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University, named Nina Kranus had students from ages six to nine begin to learn and practice musical instruments to see the resulted effect in how fast they learn syllables. “After two years, students "showed a marked improvement in the…show more content…
When music was incorporated to a classroom setting, test scores improved and students became more motivated to work hard in their classes. Also, the arts have taught students that creativity is truly what will help them outside of school. These programs are being taken out of schools because they are seen as unimportant, but they have been shown to be just as important as the core classes. When a school cuts the arts out of their elective, how many students will feel like they cannot achieve anything in their life because they are not academically
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