Cvs : A Nation Wide Smoking Cessation Program

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Pharmacists are health care professionals that work in their communities to raise the quality of life for the patients they serve. Pharmacists have been working at Consumer Values Stores (CVS) since their first doors opened in 1963. The company has since largely expanded and has become the second largest retail-pharmacy chain in the United States with more than 8,000 store nationwide. CVS is a billion dollar company and has since changed its corporate name to CVS Health along with becoming a leader in corporate social responsibility. The chain is going to great lengths to improve public health all over the country by doing such things as ceasing the sale of cigarettes in its stores and starting a nation-wide smoking cessation program called “We’re Tobacco Free”. CVS has also partnered with MinuteClinic to operate inside some of its stores.
I had a great experience working at CVS for my Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience this semester and I believe that it is a great site for pharmacy students to get experience working a pharmacy. The pharmacies of CVS tend to very busy and fast paced, so everyone working there has to be diligent and quick on their feet so as not to get buried by the workload. CVS is definitely one of the more difficult sites to work at, but completion of this site will tell you a great deal about yourself and where you want to go in your career. My site is located on Capitol Circle NE near to Capitol Regional Hospital. My site mainly catered to
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