Cvs And Corporate Social Responsibility

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CVS and Corporate Social Responsibility CVS, a national pharmacy chain, works not only in but also with the community. The company focuses on the betterment of society. Its extensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, entitled Prescription for a Better World, places CVS at the center at a variety of mainstream issues. The three focal points of its CSR plan are the environment, the economic opportunities for citizens, and the health of the community (Novick O’Keefe 2014). CVS has a whole department focused on CSR, called CVS Caremark, which houses the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust. Their many projects include the end of Tobacco distribution, the betterment of school and local health care, sustainability, and charitable events.
Anti-Tobacco Campaign In 2014, CVS collaborated with the American Lung Association in the fight against lung cancer. A part of the LUNG FORCE, CVS has taken many strides to help prevent cancer through the halt of tobacco sales in all stores and donations to the American Lung Association. From December 2014 to June 2015, CVS hosted an in-store fundraiser to raise money and awareness for lung cancer (Kanani 2014). There was also a one percent reduction in tobacco sales in the United States in the months following CVS’ decision to stop selling cigarettes; this amounts for 95 million cigarette packs.
CVS and Children CVS reaches further than the customers. They are invested in creating safe and healthy environments for all citizens. They have
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