Cvs Health : The Largest Pharmacies Serving People Essay

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CVS Health happens to be one of the largest pharmacies serving people in every community. In fact, there is a CVS across the street from just about every hospital, on every major interception, and are within a 2-mile radius of one another. This is the way it has been since the company was founded “in Lowell, Massachusetts by brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and partner Ralph Hoagland” in 1963, and it’s the way the company plans to keep expanding the company in a proximity to one another. They have even gone as far as expanding the size of the store to fit the community. All in an effort, to be responsive and committed enough to meet the needs of not only the customers, but the clients and the community as well (CVS Health, 1999-2016). Especially, since the company admits that over the past fifty years, they have changed to better service people in their health. When it comes down to it, CVS Health stores faces so many challenges. They solely exist for the purposes of promoting good health in the community, because they believe it is everything. The company is aware that they must respond to an aging population and to do, they must first respond to every American, the ones that are insured and those individuals uninsured (CVS Health, 1999-2016). The idea behind the company is that the more accessible and affordable the services and products in the store are whether it be the company’s alternate brand or a name brand product sold in the store, the better the
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