Cvs Sets High Standards For Csr Policies

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CVS sets high standards for CSR policies. The strategy is build upon three key factors, which include building healthy communities, protecting the planet, and creating economic opportunities. It “is supported by strategic priorities and goals, and aligned with the CSR material issues we identified in 2013, a process that was informed by internal and external stakeholders” (CVS Health). One of the factors, which are also included in our CVS´s mission statement, is to make healthcare accessible and affordable. The market reach of CVS is expanding through a globalized environment. The second of these three pillars of CVS´s corporate social responsibility takes the environmental awareness into account. A reduction in the environmental impact resulting from operations will create an environmentally responsible behavior. A diversified workforce with high ethical standards throughout the entire company is part of the last key factor of the CSR of CVS Caremark. By providing “transparency around corporate policies and practices in ways that build trust with stakeholders, the regulatory compliance and standards will be met”(CVS, CSR). SWOT Analysis – External Environment Economic Trends Opportunities: The pharmaceutical industry continues to be a major driver of trend. While demand for medicine rapidly increases in emerging economies, a growing number of consumers are also analyzing the economic performance of different medicines. These events will heighten the challenges the

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