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The web marketing would be the best option for CVS as it is one of the most effective and cost effective online marketing strategy (, 2006). The following online marketing strategies can be used in the process to attract volume and quality to the online drug store of CVS. CVS is apt at handling the online drugstore with efficient marketing techniques related to information recognition and spread. Click and Mortar delivery options: The marketing strategy at this point is to introduce several customer support options to address the customers issues related to timely delivery of the drugs. Other marketing strategy like online order tracking and easy payment methods would also serve a great strategy. Online order…show more content…
This point needs to be stressed severely for personalization benefits. Lack of technological understanding: The large spending of CVS towards making it a successfully integrated online drugs company by marketing it along ISP, mobile and broadband production business would result into large scale analysis and sale of the various marketing preferences enforced in practice. The media propagation and involvement of mobile technology would result in wide spread of the knowledge of CVS products and services. Evaluation of technology The 21st century marketing techniques would involve fetching the internet users an e-marketing solution which would involve promotion of various initiatives at a place which is largely accessible. Some technological aspects which can be considered are web 2.0 techniques to penetrate into aspects where people meet at an internet social place. Podcasts With the incoming of iPods, this tool can be widely used for allowing product marketing. It originally called audio Blogs. The audio recordings in MP3 format. It can be played on desktop computer or other MP3 devices (most famous is Apple’s iPod MP3 player). CVS can use it to its advantage to announce its products. The podcasting is quite an effective way as this technology is largely spreading all over the globe for widespread communications. RSS feeds Timely delivery of message is very crucial for determining the

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