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The main reason for the origin of the Caribbean Community is: a) The need for economic cooperation
b) The formation of Carifta
c) The existence of one type of people
d) The maintenance of the University of the West Indies.

The first Heads of Government Conference was held in: a) August, 1962
b) May, 1961
c) July, 1963
d) July, 1974.

The four countries that attended the first Heads of Government Conference were: a) Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and Barbados
b) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago
c) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Belize
d) Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Carifta came into being on: a) May 1, 1968
b) July 1, 1968
c) August 1, 1968
d) May
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Identify the odd one in the following statements: a) Caricom institutions are responsible for formulating policies
b) All Caricom members signed the treaty in 1973
c) Associate members of Caricom are independent bodies
d) Common Market Council in the principal organ of the Common Market.

Caricom was established to a) Develop a common currency
b) Encourage closer relations with the U.S.
c) Promote regional cooperation
d) Replace federation

Identify the island below, which does NOT belong to CARICOM a) Barbados
b) Trinidad
c) Jamaica
d) Cuba

All of the following are organizations connected to CARICOM except a) Caribbean Examinations Council
b) Caribbean Development Bank
c) International Monetary Fund
d) Common Market Council

Which of the following groups does not consist mainly of Third World Countries?

a) ACP
b) EU

Which of the following institutions is responsible for coordinating health services within CARICOM?

a) Caribbean Ministries Of Health
b) Caribbean Community Secretariat
c) The World Health Organisation
d) Pan American Health Organisation

CARICOM is a Caribbean organisation of a) All the Caribbean territories
b) The Caribbean territories that were colonised
c) The independent territories of the Caribbean
d) Caribbean territories that were British colonies

Among our CARICOM partners is a) Venezuela
b) Antigua
c) Mexico
d) Martinique
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