Cyber Analytics : Machine Learning For Computer Security

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Cyber Analytics – Machine Learning for Computer Security
Arpitha Ramachandraiah, Team CRYPTERS, UBID: 5016 6499
Cyber security is in the forefront of every organizations’ core strategy to protect its data and information systems. This increased awareness about cyber security has been driven partly due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks and also due to the various government regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI and so forth. Unlike in the past, attacks on organizations are more targeted, organized and sophisticated and the target of these attacks on organizations are to obtain proprietary and sensitive information. The exponential growth in the number of cyber-attacks can no longer be contained using static, existing standard security mechanisms and have hence forced organizations to re-evaluate their security policies and strategies to bring in newer and more modern techniques such as big data analytics, machine learning, data mining and data science to deal with cyber threats.
In this paper, we look at the role machine learning and data-mining techniques can play in the field of computer. Most of these methods can be applied in the prevention and detection of cyber-crime. Machine learning in the field of cyber security is already being widely used by technological companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft for spam detection.
Opportunities for Machine Learning in Cyber Security
Machine Learning (ML) is a growing field of computer science which is used…
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