Cyber Attack And Cyber Attacks Essay

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Most nations today fear terror attacks that include bombing use of reinforcements like machines guns and other firearms. This is because terror attacks most of the times leave many people dead and others disabled while others are left without families. However, there is another attack today in many nations that can be destructive like a terror attack and this is the cyber-attack and threats. Cyber-attacks can be responsible for large mass destructions by making all systems connected to cyber networks fail to work (Rhodes 20). An example is the Morris worm that affected the world cyber infrastructures and caused them to slow down to a position of being impractical. Therefore, as a result of these cyber-attacks resources are being established and designed to help counter the attacks.
Cyber threat simulation is one of the resources that have been deployed to help deal with cyber-attacks. A cyber threat simulation is an approach where a real life attack is imitated and used to test how a firm using cyber infrastructures can respond to the threat (Montana and UcedaVelez 579). A threat is created where there exist two groups in one company the group bringing in the threat to the company and the group responsible for finding a solution to fight the threat. Simulations help to measure the speed of a real attack and how long it takes the company to respond to the threat.
Cyber security industry has decided to establish new ways to measure the speed of threats rather than relying on
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