Cyber-Attack Recovery Plan: A Reflective Account

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Cyber-Attack Recovery Plan The author of this response is asked to answer to a few questions relating to cyber-attacks at several different mission-critical or otherwise very sensitive agencies or companies in the area. The ramifications of each incident and who will be affected by the same will be discussed. The outcomes of each will also be mentioned. The author is also asked to identify the steps and recovery path for one of the incidents in particular Incidents Examined The police department hack would effectively cripple the law enforcement response capabilities of the office and that is probably the intent at the end of the day. Anyone needing emergency services from the Sherriff's office would be impacted and this would impact anything that the police assists with including responses to active crime scenes, assistance with medical emergencies and so forth. The outcomes would be delayed response to emergency calls, no responses to non-emergency calls and a general disarray for dealing with calls in general. If the phone system is computer-driven (likely), things would be even worse. Outside/surrounding agencies would probably have to assist and hopefully calls could be rerouted to those agencies. The hospital's network crashing would have much the same effect although it would trend more towards medical emergencies that are developing as well as ones that are already active in the hospital. That incident would affected the workers and anyone in the community that

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