Cyber Attacks : The Black Hat, White Hat And Grey Hat Hacker

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Aaron Vinson
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Hacker Hats When one hears the word hacker, what do they imagine? Most people will likely begin with a mental image of a man sitting behind a computer, typing away into a command line, trying to gain access to some government agency. In reality the term hacker is an umbrella term. There are the main three types of hacker the black hat, white hat, and grey hat hacker. Black hat hackers are the ones everyone imagines when they hear the term hacker; white hat hacker is the security specialist that tries to make the bad guys job harder; the gray hat hacker is somewhere in between. A black hat hacker is someone who launches malicious, cyber-attacks at a company to disrupt the network or for some form of personal gain. Black hat hackers break into secure networks to destroy, modify, or steal sensitive data; or to launch a “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) attack to the network to render network unusable for its authorized users. Black hat hackers are sometimes called "crackers" within the programing industry. These types of hackers tend to keep the awareness of the weaknesses to themselves, or share it in trusted groups, to keep the manufacturer from patching the vulnerability they exploited. Once they have control of a system, they can install “back-doors” to keep some form of control. The white hat hacker is a network security specialist that will attempt to gain access to a network using the same tools and sometimes the

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