Cyber Bullying: A Study of Long Term Effects on Adolescent Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying is a topic that has been researched many times. As technology changes, it is important that research is kept up to date on how victimization can affect present and future psychosocial adjustment issues. Cyber bullying is defined as victimization that intends to harm another through electronic means, where individuals can harm without physical interaction. (Tokunaga, 2010). Cyber bullying requires little planning and there is little chance of being caught. It is important to realize that as adolescents are becoming more in tune with technology, they are engaged in many more activities that are online based, therefore spending more time online. (Tokunaga, 2010).
Cyber bullying has recently come to the fore
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A study conducted by Patchin & Hinduja, (2007) conducted an online study which concluded that those who were victims of cyber bullying experienced academic problems and an increase in delinquent behaviour (Patchin & Hinduja, 2007). Delinquent behaviour can also extend as a consequence of harassment offline (Ferdon & Hertz, 2007; Ybarra et al, 2006).
There are also other areas in the field of cyber bullying research that require further examination. An important question to focus on is whether these effects can generalize to other types of victimization, and if these effects persist years after being victimized. The main independent variables that will be examined are face to face bullying, also known as direct bullying, and indirect bullying, which is bullying through spreading rumours and information to others who then continue the cycle. These variables were chosen as alternative types of victimization to determine if the effects of cyber bullying generalize to these types of victimization. The outcome variables are the follow up psychosocial consequences of bullying such as suicide, helplessness, academic problems, delinquency and depression.
It is impossible to determine cause and effect in studies related to cyber bullying, as it is unethical to determine the effects through experimentation. Therefore, this study will be a longitudinal study that will determine correlation.
This paper will focus
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