Cyber Bullying : A Vital Concern Of Many Families And Schools Across The World

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Shanice Duncan
November 16, 2014
Computing and information
Professor: Dawit Demissie Cyber Bullying

In today’s digital age, cyberbullying has become such a vital concern of many families and schools across the world. With its increasing saliency certain states in the United States have developed laws against it and school districts are enforcing polices to combat it. Although similar in concept, cyberbullying and bullying are different. Bullying, which is also a major problem, consistent of physical and verbal abuse. Cyberbullying has a greater psychological impact and because the pain it inflicts is not visible and can have more drastic effects. Overtime, technology’s advancement has opened doors for new forms of communication but also it has opened doors for cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying has only gotten worse with time. It went from slick remarks which can also be referred to as trolling to sending hate emails, revealing private messages without consent, taking embarrassing photos and posting them on the internet to now setting up and exposing live streams of a private intimate moments between two people. According to Liam Hackett’s Annual Bullying Survey, in the United Kingdom 7 out of 10 people, ages 13 to 22 have reported being cyber bullied. Of which 20% have reported it being extreme and 37% have reported it being frequent. In the United States over 50% of adolescents and teenagers have been cyber bullied or have…
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