Cyber Bullying And Its Effect On Our Youth

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Cyber-bulling “Cyber-bullying and its Effect on our Youth,” has released some useful information to American Osteopathic Association directed by unknown author and Dr. Jennifer N. Caudle, certified family physician. Dr. Caudle approaches to parents while she breaks down some statistics that could potentially prevent cyber bullying. Although, the author of the article along with Dr. Caudle does not reveal sufficient information of cyber bullying, the information given can be wisely incorporated as a lead into cyber bullying conversation. The author begins the article acknowledging different devices youths regularly operate. This type of introduction includes the impact of technology among young children, which implies the technique of author’s smooth and clever way to earn parents attention. After listing the latest and most popular devices author surely maintains readers engaged, while most of the individuals can easily relate to its points due to usage of those devices in their family. With argue that cyber bulling is well mental and psychological destructive just as a physical and verbal bullying, author insist that parents must consider all tactics and strategies to prevent cyber bullying on their children. Author does not provide any background or knowledge of this argument. However, including myself as a parent, the author persuades a valid point that all parents should take serious precautions when it comes to children and media. Moving along, author appeals to the…
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