Cyber Bullying And Its Effect On Society

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Bullying is an escalated issue that has become an epidemic, it happens in schools, on line, in between genders and can literally occur anywhere. Bullying is the act of aggressive behavior in which intimidation and/or physical harming towards another person is involved. It causes an imbalance in which the stronger person or group attacks the weaker and initiates repeated mistreatment towards the same victim over an extended period of time. In a situation where insults escalate and bullying arises it is usual for the bully to build a pattern and repeat behaviors over time that can cause damage that lasts a lifetime. Overall it is an extremely dangerous topic that some people tend to be blinded about.

Cyber Bullying
A text, a Facebook wall post, a tweet – a line or two is all it takes to wound someone. With the eruption of new technology, old-school bullying is out and unfortunately a new type of bullying now exists. Cyberbullying is another form of bullying that often does not raise alarms until it is too late. Cyberbullying is also defined as intended and repetitive harm caused through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. One of the challenges with cyberbullying is that it takes various forms often blending in with its surroundings. Cyberbullying has become a part of the modern world that focuses on spectacle. It can occur through many various communication methods including instant messenger, e-mail, text message, social networking sites, blogs,
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