Cyber Bullying And Its Effect On Society

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Cyber bullying is any form of bullying that takes place over the internet, whether via texts, twitter or other forms of social media. Approximately 52% of children have reported being cyber bullied at one point, or another*. While this number may not seem catastrophic, this statistic is based only on the instances of cyber bullying that have been reported. The reality is that there are many more children who have been cyber bullied, and did not tell anyone that it was happening to them. Another likelihood is that some victims have simply overlooked the bullying projected towards them via the internet. Given the amount of time that children spend texting, on Facebook, or on other social media websites, the likelihood of children experiencing cyber bullying, reported or not, is high.
BODY PARAGRAPH 1 Cyber bullying can give a person the same feelings as bullying in the real world. One who is bullied will have a significantly lower self-esteem (this is a generalization, but is true for most), and may eventually begin to question their self-worth. In several different documented cases, the subjects of bullying have contemplated, attempted, and sometimes even succeeded suicide. At some (now required by law for all schools) consolers are present in an attempt to help people deal with bullying. Teachers (in general, this is a generalization, but a sadly truthful one) don’t have a personal relationship with their students, and as a result, when a student is bullied in their
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