Cyber Bullying And Its Effects On The World Wide Web

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Forms of Bullying According to the article, Cyber bullying and Physical bullying in Adolescent Suicide, Bullying can come in many forms; there are four types of bullying forms: the most common-physical, verbal, relational (spreading rumors) and lastly, cyber. Cyber bullying is one of the newer forms of bullying being that the world-wide web is still fairly new in the 21st centuryevery form of bullying can create some type of negative response from the victim at hand, however, victims of cyber bullying are more likely to report symptoms of depression. Cyber bullying is not very prevalent but that does not mean youth are not widely effected by the acts of other children who are the predators. Cyber Bullying. This form of bullying is…show more content…
Conclusion With the research and statistics given, one can conclude that youth whom identify as LGBT have a greater chance of being mistreated than their heterosexual peers. Those children suffer from a tremendous amount of depression and suicidal thoughts due to the inconsideration of their peers. Understanding that when it comes to statistics( generally) and regarding the surveys given to the students mentioned in the literature review, some of those students may or may not have been 99.9% truthful,. However, taking into consideration the sample amount, for example, the 75,344 youth surveyed, the results were recorded and submitted into a national database. LBGT youth are targeted for reasons that could well be infinite. Although, the one I mentioned out of Dr. Nassem’s article on Why Do Children Bully when she mentions popularity are one of the many explanations a bully could conjure to validate their victimization of another human being. Valid point from a psychologists points of view, yes maybe to explain the mental process of a young child or adolescent, but valid for the person being victimized. The numbers showed the results of negative actions performed by adolescent youth and the reaction of
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