Cyber Bullying And Social Media

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In today 's world Social Media is playing a key role on how youth interact and mature. Just a generation ago, the average person didn’t have internet and computers were not common (Social Media Bullying, 2014). Fast forward to the present day and it has become less common for a person to not have a computerised device in their palm or pocket. With the ease of access to a social world comes upsides and downsides to the way our society has shifted and evolved. The mass use of media allows individuals to stay in easy, constant contact with loved ones or people geographically across the globe from us. It also allows for an effortless way for individuals to hide behind a computer and bully others through online profiles. This effect is called cyber bullying and has exploded in use through the occurrence of Social Media. Cyber Bullying can be described as using the internet, cell phones, and other technology gadgets to send, text, or post with the intentions of hurting or embarrassing others. The most vastly used website type by teens are Social Media sites. Facebook is the most common due to its open platform setup and ability to send personal messages. When a child is behind a screen, they obtain the power to say things they wouldn’t have to courage to say in person. Words can also be taken the wrong way, because the viewer does not hear the intent verbally and can read things with the wrong intended tone of voice or passion. In today’s society, almost all children have a
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