Cyber Bullying And Social Media

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Have you ever been personally targeted by another individual? If not in a physical manner, how about verbally? Have you ever known someone who physically took his or her own life because of bullying? The issue of bullying has become much more serious in recent years, as cases of suicide have risen as a result. Bullying can be defined as mean, hurtful behavior that occurs with an imbalance of power or strength. An acronym that is set in place and taught by programs in schools to combat bullying is RIP, which stands for repeated, imbalance of power and purposeful. In a bully’s eye, it doesn’t appear as a wrongdoing when in fact, they are breaking all three aspects of this definition. What they don 't realize is that they break all three aspects of bullying. There are four types of bullying: verbal, physical, relational and cyber bullying. Each form whether standing alone or combined with another, can drive a person into depression. This particularly happens when labeled as “different.” Cyber bullying through social media in particular, has become one of the biggest controversies yet due to the simplicity of disseminating information about someone or sending a quick Facebook message. The effects that bullying has can well change or even ruin a life. The fact that we still have to worry about it in the 21st century is utterly horrific. The most common form of bullying in today 's generation is verbal bullying. Perpetrators of verbal bullying use hurtful words or phrases to
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