Cyber Bullying Essay

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The rise in technology has influenced our lives with the use of social networking sites and electronic devices predominant with today’s youth. What many adults are unaware of is bullying exists in many forms and is more common in the cyber world. In 2012, CBC news reporter Joan Leishman , aired “Cyber-bullying,” she describes a story about a student named David Knight’s unbearable life entering the Internet. Later in 2014, Rachel Simmons, a former Rhodes Scholar and the founding director of the Girls Leadership Institute, wrote an article titled “Cyberbullying Is a Growing Problem.” Simmons article addressed the impact of cyber bullying in the 21st century and actions school officials and parents overlooked when they are unaware…show more content…
I was accused of using the date rape drug on little boys” (Leishman). Condescending emails from other kids ruined David’s reputation and he was seen as the despicable person other students perceived him to be. Leishman interviews David and what other kids put on the Internet and the reason why they had a disdain for him. David’s response was, “I don't know. I honestly don't know. I'm not different from any other kid” (Leishman). Leishman also interviews David’s mother who explains that cyber bullies “hid behind the anonymity of the Internet,” and the feeling that cyber bullying is like being stabbed behind the back unaware of the perpetrator. David’s mother noticed that cyber bullying had a different effect on David compared to verbal bullying, which resulted in David isolating himself from others. Leishman points out that the result of torment David endured in school and on the Internet led David to leave school and finish his final studies at home. Police investigated who was behind the website and had it removed; however, it took seven months of legal action to finally removing the website. The negative impact on a child’s life affects everything else in their lives around them. Leishman argues the unfortunate situation David and his family had to endure cyber-bullying left a permanent impact on David’s social life, but recovering from cyber bullying takes time. Luckily, for David it did not interfere with the dream of becoming a fighter pilot in

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