Cyber-Bullying Has Been A Problem For A Very Long Period.

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Cyber-bullying has been a problem for a very long period. Due to the growth of our recent technology, cyber-bullying has become one of the most challenging issues in our society. Since cyber-bullying problems are more likely to happen at social gathering, schools, and even mobile phones; Professors, principals, teachers and parents are accountable to observe, reprove and possibly avoid cyber-bullying. The anticipations of most parents of the school, is security. Meanwhile, many employees feel reluctant to be judges and prosecutors to avoid being sued for something done which might seem appropriate to them but not to others, particularly to parents who are in control of the child 's wellbeing. Cyber-bullying is the use of electronic…show more content…
There have been instances where cyber-bullying has led to self-harm, severe despair and even death. The reasons why the bullies act the way they do or why they do such things to their victims is in such an extensive range. Cyber bullying is an issue that affects almost half of American teenagers. Adult specialists should endorse authoritarian rules to protect defenseless children from suffering the effects of the recent danger of cyber bullying. Although technology makes it tough to pinpoint the real criminal, the development of technology throughout the years has lately made cyber-bullying a more conspicuous issue. There are some teens whose parents give them little or no attention, control and emotional support. Teens believe to get this care from others at school or outside of their homes, and when they don’t, they become annoyed and transfer their aggression on their peers at school. Around 10 percent of all youths in grades 7-9 are preys of cyber bullying. All these characteristics have increased the risk factors for bullying conduct. If children start to pick up appropriate behavior when they are younger, they are more likely to use the same or similar behavior when they get older. They need to learn how to treat others with respect and compassion. Cyber bullying is not only an issue faced by networking professionals or cyber security officers; it also causes severe damage not only to the
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