Cyber Bullying Is A Serious Problem

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Take a moment to think about how important technology is in our world today. Our generation depends solely on the internet, using it for social media, entertainment, and study purposes. What is behind the internet that we do not realize? Bullying comes in many different forms whether getting targeted on the playground, at work, or even on the internet. Bullying is a violent and harmful act. This violence has been around for as long as schools have been around, but bullying has increased elsewhere. The act of cyberbullying, which is bullying that takes place on any form of technology, is expanding abundantly, with “more than one out of every ten young people saying they have experienced cyberbullying” (“Social Media Bullying Has Become a Serious Problem.”). While certain precautions can be taken to in attempts to bypass this violence, the thought of avoiding cyberbullies is unattainable. When accessing any form of technology, online bullying cannot be averted due to the growth of technology, social expectations, and anonymity.
There are many precautions that can be taken in attempts to avoid cyberbullying. Technology users of younger ages can be taught very valuable information, “[t]eaching kids to respect others and take a stand against bullying of all types” will help avoid bullying all together (“STOP Cyberbullying: Preventing Cyberbullying.”). What happens when respect is not being taught? Bullies will be unavoidable, since this is the case in our world today. Respect is…

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