Cyber Bullying : More Than Just Online Problems And Consequences

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Cyber-Bullying: More Than Just Online Problems and Consequences


Kate H. Evans

Professor Archer
Principles of Sociology- Social Psychology 200-01
Fall 2016—TTh 12:00-1:15
Saint Clair Community College
October 21, 2016

This paper discusses some of the anti-social behaviors and actions that occur as a result of social media’s far reach across the internet, anonymity’s contribution to the negative side of online interaction, and the statistical extent this issue is at. With technology comes new opportunities and improvements to daily life. There are also negative side effects that occur amongst these benefits too, however. The internet has evolved rapidly since its conception, and as the years and decades went on, it became a social and creative platform on a global level. This was not without attracting those who wish to harm and hold power over someone. With all Online harassment, like bullying and harassment offline, can have incredibly negative consequences; sometimes it is even fatal. Cyberbullying cannot be fully stopped, but it can be prevented and dealt with by both the victim and those who know them.
Keywords: harassment, bullying, social Cyber-Bullying: More Than Just Online Problems and Consequences
There is always someone who vents their frustrations on another person or thing, regardless of whether it is baseless violence or they feel they have some reason to. Sometimes, this bullying goes beyond the real world and continues—or starts—in the…
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