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Stutzky suggests that cyber bullying is the use of modern communication technologies to embarrass, humiliate, threaten, or intimidate an individual in the attempt to gain power and control over them. Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. These days however, bullying isn’t just happening on the playground, it’s happening on the internet and mobile phones, making it possible to bully a child 24 hours a day. Cyber bullying follows children around the clock and into the safety of their own bedrooms. A recent survey by MindOh!, an educational company that follows youth trends, reported that nearly 80% of the 5,500 teens that were surveyed said that they had been exposed to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying affects the mental health …show more content…
In doing this, the causes need to be sufficiently determined, and then relevant actions plans can be commenced. Conducting surveys helped us find the causes of prevalence (refer to appendix- Table 1).

Results from the surveys show that at least 9 out of every 10 of the Year 9 students know what cyber bullying is, and that it’s wrong. So why is it still happening? Webster’s theory is that it’s because it’s often seen as anonymous, and the nature of the internet allows it to spread quickly to hundreds and thousands of internet users. The Health Education students hypothesised that cyber bullying in teens could be occurring because a lot of students bully others to fit in, or in an effort to make themselves more popular. They might even be peer pressured by their friends to do it, and don’t have the confidence to say no. Some kids do it simply because they’re being bullied themselves and feel the need to fight back. The increase in being able to talk to people anonymously on social networking sites online is also a factor in cyber bullying rates increasing over the years as technology advances. Feedback from the Year 9’s determined ‘getting bullied themselves’ as the main cause (refer to appendix- Table 2), but 83% believed they were all valid reasons. Perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to cyber bullying is sociocultural factors, and how they

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