Cyber Bullying

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What are the consequences of cyberbullying among junior high school students? Technological advances are intended to speed up the transfer of information to a large range of people. The internet is an important tool used by kids to learn much faster because there is a large range of data that is available to them. The use of the internet has made accessing information and learning much easier. Although the internet has its positive benefits, such as transferring a large range of information to a broad scope of individuals, if it is misused it can cause harm to people, in particular, young people. Many adolescents have become victims to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary(2010) as “the electronic…show more content…
This makes it difficult to trace the source, and encourages bullies to behave more aggressively than a traditional ‘physical world’ bully” (para. 2). Bullies use the internet to hide from the ones they are bullying and therefore, have no fear or concern about retaliation. The internet provides a faster way of transporting messages and information. This fast method of transferring information is a reason why cyber bullying is so dangerous. Bullies take advantage spreading harmful messages to a broader scope of people. Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter are often used to transfer harmful messages and pictures to large group of friends and strangers. Mindi McDowell(2011), in her article “Dealing with cyberbullying”, asserts that “ Information or pictures posted online or forwarded in mass emails can reach a larger audience faster than more traditional methods, causing more damage to the victims. And because of the amount of personal information available online, bullies may be able to arbitrarily choose their victims”(para 3). Cyberbullies have more access to the victim’s personal information online and they use the information in the content of their harmful messages. Cyberbullying, much like traditional bullying, is intended to gain a sense of power. Students use

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