Cyber Crime And Computer Related Crimes

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When faced with problems as a computer forensics investigator you must be very flexible. There are many different types of computer related crimes in today’s society. They may range from child pornography to identity theft to even insider trading on Wall Street. The possibilities for the criminals in our world to use computers and the Internet against us are endless. The computer forensics or cyber forensics fields are growing but are still learning every day because it is such a young field of study. New things emerge every day that computer forensic investigators must adapt to and begin to learn to help combat these criminals. Investigators will use many tools to help them find incriminating evidence. These investigators must learn these tools inside and out to make sure every test they run can be valid. The computer forensics field is growing rapidly and there are a lot of real world threats that we need these investigators to help us solve. There are many examples of cyber crime and computer related crimes. There is a certain case that interested me very much when I was reading through a website of real life cyber forensic cases. The case interests me because I just went through some problems with fraud online. I was hacked on either Facebook or PayPal and I had $100 dollars stolen from my account. This, of course, was handled, but I was very curious to know how this could have happened which made this case interesting to me. I found a fairly recent case based out of
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