Cyber Crime And The Security Of Public And Private Sector

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As the number of internet users and ease of access increases, and more and more of the public and private assets are stored electronically rather than physically. The internet while providing range of benefits to individuals and organizations also provide criminal opportunities to emerge. These online criminal activities are known as Cybercrime.
The briefing paper is an attempt to discover different areas of cyber crime, and its implication in today 's world . The paper focuses on the growing range of cyber crimes to the security of public and private sector, its types and how to mitigate the risk of cyber crime.

The term Cybercrime is used to refer to any crime that is conducted with the help of computer or network. Internet was not designed to be secure. Information technology provides different ways of communication for exchange of fast, cheap and secure information. But can also be used as a means of communication to help existing criminal activities, and to provide new way for criminal activities. Cyber crime is not a static way of crime. The introduction of new technology also expands the range of potential victims. In the past 20 years the ICT industry has had phenomenal growth by agreeing global technical standards and disciplines from hypertext to Wi-Fi but when it comes to Cyber security many standards are just not followed.(John Stuffolk, Global Head of Cyber security, 17 Huawei 'We should learn from the cold war to strengthen cyberspace ' Financial Times, 21…
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