Cyber Crime Essay

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In today’s day and age, everyone uses a computer. Whether it is just for fun (surfing the internet, downloading music) or for work (using Excel, Word or the internet for sources) there are not too many people that do not understand how useful the computer can be. In fact, many people have figured out how to use the computer to commit crime anonymously, and sometimes without the victim even knowing a crime has been committed. There are many different types of internet crime. First, it is incredibly easy to hide one’s identity on the internet. Most people use “user names” as opposed to actual names, therefore anyone can choose anything for their name. Some people do this just so they can feel like they can be who ever they want to be…show more content…
“The development of informal banking institutions and parallel banking systems may permit central bank supervision to be bypassed, but can also facilitate the evasion of cash transaction reporting requirements in those nations which have them (Grabosky 17). Viruses, worms and trojans are also a common internet crime. Computer viruses are programs that can copy themselves in order to infect a computer without the knowledge of the user. These can be spread by e-mail, flash drives, floppy disks, or any other form of portable memory. Worms are similar in that the user is unaware, but the point of these is to send the virus to as many people as possible. Therefore, the worm does not attach itself to the computer, but instead to the e-mail so it can be sent out again and again. Trojans appear to be innocent to the computer user, but in fact is used to open a backdoor to the computer so others can access. They can also be used to transmit viruses or worms. Most people can protect against these by installing anti-virus software that will review information to make sure it is safe before the user can open. There are also numerous firewalls that can be installed on a computer to make sure only authorized material is transmitted. The easiest way to misuse the internet is simply to conspire to commit a criminal act. Many people use computers to share information and to communicate plans. Some of these may be simply

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