Cyber Crime

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Cyber Crime
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Wozniak designed the hardware and most of the software of the Apple I. Tim Berners-Lee: Berners-Lee is famed as the inventor of the World Wide Web, the system that we use to access sites, documents and files on the Internet. Linus Torvalds: Torvalds fathered Linux, the very popular Unix-based operating system. Torvalds created the Linux kernel in 1991, using the Minix operating system as inspiration. He started with a task switcher in Intel 80386 assembly and a terminal driver. After that, he put out a call for others to contribute code, which they did. Currently, only about 2 percent of the current Linux kernel is written by Torvalds himself. The success of this public invitation to contribute code for Linux is touted as one of the most prominent examples of free/open source software. Richard Stallman: Stallman's fame derives from the GNU Project, which he founded to develop a free operating system. For this, he's known as the father of free software. Tsutomu Shimomura: Shimomura reached fame in an unfortunate manner: he was hacked by Kevin Mitnick. Following this personal attack, he made it his cause to help the FBI capture him.

b. Black hats: The Internet abounds with hackers, known as crackers or "black hats" who work to exploit computer systems. They are the ones who are seen on the news being hauled away for cybercrimes. Some of them are:

Jonathan James: James gained notoriety when he

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