Cyber Crime Id Theft And Credit Fraud

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It is 2012, and Information Technology (IT) is revolutionising society, culture, communication and general Multimedia (MM) in a new fashion. This new fashion is no longer constricted to one continent; it is global. Nor is it constricted to one construct; technology converges ever more rapidly. According to Moore’s law; the doubling of transistors on integrated circuits (ISSCC, 2003) it expects more powerful information technology, and also expect technologies to continue their concrescence to new more powerful appliances with new features. Since the new technologies/features are on the increase via “accelerating returns” (Kurzweil, 2001), there is a concern within this essay and an ever increasing global population in the context of privacy, laws and ethical considerations. If it were not hiding under a rock the last several years that would have seen the random outlier news stories. TV discussions about cyber-crime ID theft and Credit fraud, teen sexing (sexual content text messaging) or the armed forces cadet sex tape scandals. However, it is noticed other technological privacy issues like airport full-body scanners, it’s appreciated that one’s privacy seems to be at greater and greater risk. In today’s busy technocratic world, the context of privacy in the face of new cyber technologies is ever more pertinent as technology reaches ever further into ones personal lives with; consumer privacy, medical privacy, employee and workplace privacy (Tavani, 2011). By now various
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