Cyber Crime, Legal, And Ethical Aspects

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Cyber Crime, Legal, and Ethical Aspects
An educational institution, such as this preschool, should take the security of both systems and networks seriously. Modern technology has so many benefits for helping educators teach young children, but also potentially harm so many individuals and families if good security protocols are not followed. A security breach has the potential of exposing sensitive data about students, their families and staff. With a wealth of information cyber defenses in academia is worse than healthcare because academia is not prepared to practice attentive and organized cyber intelligence (Polancich, 2015). Crimes such as identity theft, kidnapping, extortion, and sex assaults against children are only a few of what could potentially occur if physical and information technology security are not taken seriously. A breach could also bring negative publicity and possible legal ramifications with possible lawsuits against the institution and/or staff, as well as losing government and private funding. This in turn can affect enrollment, ability to hire and keep good teachers and other staff and remain an open educational institution. A staff made up of approximately 200 teachers, office personnel, administrators and executive staff ethical behavior should be a priority. Families entrust teachers and staff members with their children and sensitive information. If any staff personnel acts in an unethical way much of this information can be compromised…
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