Cyber Crimes and Steps to Prevent and Control It

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The world we are in today is all about Information Technology (IT) because we are in the age of Information Technology and the people with the right information, with proper way of disseminate this information and processing them is considered as the most successful. Information technology is the transfer of information using telecommunication and micro-based computer system. Nowadays, the computer has replaced manual records, and the fraudulent input document has been substituted by manipulating data held in a computer system. This manipulation does not need to be sophisticated. Computers have become the mainstay of business and government processes. Business has been using them for years
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(d) Failure to offer counseling when performance or behaviour fails below acceptable levels.
(e) An uncertain future where a company faces merger, acquisition or failure.
2. Personal-based factors: These related to the character of a particular perpetrator. The following are common problems that become personnel motivations for computer crime:
(a) Greed: An employee with tendency of greedy, manifestations or personal financial problem may decide to defraud his company merchandise.
(b) Crises: Unresolved problems relating to personal status or an employee in a state of acute or crippling financial crises may decide, against better judgment to defraud his company.
(c) Inadequate standard of personnel recruitment and selection.
(d) Inadequate orientation and training on security matters and on sanction for violating security rules.
(e) Blackmail: An employee may be pressurized to commit computer crime by a third party just to blackmail in order to cause several embarrassment or cause irreparable damage.

1. Computer Access Control
Considering the facts that are various categories of computer related crime, different strategy should be used in controlling them. The following controls may be used
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