Cyber Criminals And The Internet

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Abstract It is an open fact that Internet has brought a tremendous changes in the human lifestyle. Just sitting in front of a computer with internet connected he/she can know what is happening around the world and just with one click he can make all his work done. Most of the today’s world class business works on the internet. But this benefit can be enjoyed only if the internet users adopt safe online practices. Cyber criminals are the one who use online resources to steal your personal information which tend to lose of money and reputation. Never think that the money just comes from corporations, banks or wealthy people around the world. Individual online users like you and me are also targets for them. As long as we are connected to the internet the chances of being victims for the cyberattacks is more. So there is an urgent need to educate people on safe online practices. This paper explains the different ways that the cyber criminals will adopt to target the online users and how we should protect our self from being a victim of cyber- attacks and how they should respond if they have become victim of cyber-attack. Introduction There are different methods that cyber criminals adopt to trick the Internet users seeming everything to be legitimate. They use different techniques to gain access into the user’s computer. Most of the times the formula is very simple. They create a program that contain (viruses, worms and Trojans) and when the user

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