Cyber Criminals Are Dangers?

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Cyber criminals are dangers 1 Now the real question, is cybercriminals are dangers to us? Some experts will say that it depends on the data that companies contain whether it attract the cybercriminal or not. Such as, “customer contact info, credit card data, health data, or valuable intellectual property.” (Armerding). On the other hand, some experts say it depends on the size of the company. Small to midsize organizations usually are attractive targets because they are frequently have less security and more vulnerability. When a cyber criminal is planning to attack he/she is not targeting a specific individual or organization. They do not care who they are attacking; they have programs that attack thousands and millions of people at once. However, you might ask yourself, we are not a small company, but it does not matter because an attack might not come directly at us. Small businesses are gateway into larger companies. “PwC’s Burg agrees, noting that, “smaller organizations increasingly serve as vendors, contractors, and business partners of bigger firms, and as such may have trusted access to the networks and data of these partners.” (Armerding). We work with varies of government and private companies, which either other companies might be under attack and the attacker gain access to our network from that network. From our networks, the attacker can move up to the government. The question I asked earlier is cybercriminals are dangers to us? Yes of course they are real
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