Cyber Criminals: Cyber-Crime and Cyberstalking Essay

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People want to feel safe. If someone owns a precious object it is stored in a safe hidden in their house. To further protect a house the front doors have handle locks and dead-bolts. To keep personal items safe items like wallet chains are used to stop criminals in their tracks. In the case of cars where they cannot always be watched, car alarms were made to protect from thieves. All of these systems are in place to keep people and their possessions safe. There is an area in people’s lives that is not heavily inspected for weaknesses, however. Computers offer criminals a wide range of crimes with smaller risk and no physical harm. These crimes have a huge impact on society because of the end results. Hackers can cause companies thousands …show more content…
In a single year the U.S. government had 360 million attempts to hack their networks. Due to the hazard of losing government information, President Obama initiated a move against cyber-crime, and while it is a start, there is more planned to the effort (James).
Hacking has caused companies an untold amount of money. In 2000, a Denial-Of-Service attack was launched by a 15 year old under the name of Mafiaboy. A Denial-Of-Service attack prevents a website from functioning, making administrators and impedes all other users’ access to the service of the site. Affecting websites such as and, the overall harm done had an estimated 1.7 billion dollars in damage (James). Another occurrence includes a single successful attack on the government in 2006. Although it was never determined, it is alleged that the Chinese were responsible for the theft of data about a Joint Strike Fighter project. The information was valued at around 300 billion dollars, demonstrating how hacking can be a destructive weapon against companies or governments (James). While not as devastating as hacking, cyber-stalking is a common problem society faces. Stalking is known as intentionally following someone without their knowledge. In the cyber-world, however, stalking consists of digging into personal information or harassment without being face to face. Because of the internet, the most concerning aspect of cyber stalking is how anyone can be a stalker (Cyber Stalking).

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