Cyber Criminals, Thieves, And Terrorism

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Every day, hospitals in the United States and around the world are working long hours in responding to emergencies, attending patients, delivering newborn babies, performing surgeries, and foremost – saving lives. Not too long ago, cyberspace has given institutions such as hospitals the tools to accumulate and file as much information and data as possible in this great space of technology, networks, and systems. Information such as patient’s information, treatments, machinery, as well as having a better way to have a secure place to store them and have authorization in accessing them. However, such tools had been used as weapons by those who want to have access and possession of such critical information and control by cyber criminals, thieves, and terrorists. Unfortunately, it’s not simple to live in a world in which laws can just simply protect institutions that help save lives. Rather, hospitals have fallen as victims of cyberattacks. On the evening of February 5th, at Los Angeles, California, doctors and staff from Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, noticed several technical issues while trying to access the hospital’s computer network. The hospital’s IT department was notified, and they began their investigation to determine the cause of these issues. However, these issues carried on for approximately a week, which was a frustration for doctors and staff members because they were unable to digitally access patient’s medical records and treatments, communication via
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