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Cyber Defence and Information Assurance

Reflective Portfolio

Module 01 : Governance and Management

Kinshuk De

This portfolio is a reflective account of what I have learnt during the Governance and Management module and reflect on the three tasks posed, based on the case study of a system D.I.A.M.O.N.D (Driver Identification After Motoring Offence using Numerous Databases).
We worked in groups and deliberated (Deliberations, 9 March 2015) what the D.I.A.M.O.N.D. system would do, that is to accept, store, process, return result pertaining to sensitive data from limitless interconnections, not only limited to end users or external departments, and who own the data. All of us agreed that this is a …show more content…

That is to positively identify speed violator beyond doubt and how the system should be governed to create a secure system and operate. Each team presented their view points, including discussing the various stakeholders of the system and their responsibilities. As part of the case study, we exercised the 6-point Governance model which I believe maximizes management’s ability to implement and the system owner’s ability to exercise oversight governance.
Task 1 This task necessitated discussing elements 0 to 3 involving deliberations and knowledge sharing on the four elements ‘Introduction’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘Strategy’ and ‘Acquisition’. Previously, I had a hazy understanding of the difference between governance and management, wherein I often used these terms interchangeably We deliberated that while the “System Owner” is accountable for the system. A wider consensus was arrived on this (Deliberations, 9 March 2015). We could call him the “Information Officer”, and he will be accountable for the system from Governance standpoint and the Project Manager will be the management layer with an organization under him including relations with external stakeholders to plan and do things on day to day basis.
My interactions with Dresner (2015) during lecture sessions and group discussions (Deliberations, 9 March 2015) gave me an understanding of the definition and role of governance and management respectively. As part of exercise, I looked into

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