Cyber Espionage

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Cyber Espionage In India

Cyber espionage is an area that has recently attracted the attentions of Indian government and corporate houses alike. Both Indian government and corporate houses are the biggest loosers from cyber espionage. Sensitive information on national security and trade secrets and commercial information has been occasionally stolen through cyber espionage in India.

India has been a victim of cyber espionage on many occasions where crackers operating in foreign jurisdictions regularly attack Indian computers and have successfully taken out sensitive information. International community is stressing upon enhancement of their cyber security capabilities unlike India.

As a result of this apathy, India is facing
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The report on this from SecureWorks notes that without the cooperation of the government of the People's Republic of China, further attribution of the hacking activity is "difficult or impossible."
The possibility of a nation such as China engaged in large-scale cyber-espionage through APT attacks came up again last week.
In a report entitled "Revealed: Operation Shady RAT," McAfee says evidence it got from a server out on the Internet shows 72 businesses and government agencies, most in the U.S. but from several other countries as well, have suffered APT infiltrations since 2006. McAfee says the attacker is probably a "nation-state," but it didn't point to any particular country.
McAfee's "Revealed: Operation Shady RAT" only names a few of the victims, including the World Anti-Doping Agency in Montreal, the Asian and Western national Olympic Committees, and the United Nations, along with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research at McAfee labs, says McAfee has tried to reach those it believes were targeted based on the log evidence from the server it gained "legally" in March. "Some IP addresses are very clear, they're the firewall of an organization," Alperovitch says.
The intention of the McAfee report is to show that "someone is going to a tremendous amount of effort to compromise these computers," he says. Alperovitch says the APT server in
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