Essay on Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

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The Stop Online Piracy Act was proposed in January of 2012. SOPA was a legislative act that attempted to prevent piracy through DNS blocking and censorship. The legislation caused the protest and blackout of multiple online internet services including Reddit, 4Chan, Google, Wikipedia, Mozilla, and Tumblr. Now, internet users are faced with another possible challenge called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA. CISPA was quickly passed by the House of Representatives on April 26th, 2012, and is now being processed through the Senate (Beadon). CISPA's purpose is to promote national cybersecurity through allowing private companies and the federal government to exchange users' private information, including emails and…show more content…
The Wiretap Act prohibits the government from intentional interception, use, or disclosure of wire and electronic communications without a warrant. Similarly, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act protects wire, oral, and electronic communications while in transit (Franklin). Some may wonder how the government is able to override such laws that come to make America what it is today, a nation noted for its religious and intellectual freedom, and the answer is national security. Anything is possible in order to increase national security and eliminate any threats. Not to mention that as long as participants of CISPA exchange information with good intentions, they will not be held to any criminal or civil liabilities and become one hundred percent anonymous in the process (PopVox). This may incentivize private companies to release users' information without a thought regarding the authenticity of the threat due to convenience. After information is shared with the federal government, the data is stored and is able to be used for any purpose beyond preserving the national security. Some usages include immigration and crime. At the same time, users are also not required to be notified by either the private company or the government when their information is exchanged. Due to such concerns, many activist websites that opposed SOPA, including and, are also attempting to
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